Like, I feel like every year has a new energy, and I feel like this year is really about, like, the year of  just realizing stuff and everyone around me, we’re all just, like, realizing things.

–  Kylie Jenner, 2016.

I couldn’t have said it better myself, this year has actually been a year of realizing stuff (though its 2017 and every year we realize new things) and all in all, i realized that I cant come and go and kill myself and die away. I just left uni middle of last year and I’m currently serving now (NYSC)  and trying to put my life together and though I thought i knew some things back then in uni, I’m only just realizing that the challenges then were smaller compared to the ones I’m faced with now. Everything is so different. #AdultLife.

So, here are the things I’ve realized so far since the beginning of this year;

  1. Opportunities rarely come knocking on your door, you have to go out and look for opportunities. Bang on the different doors till opportunity opens up.
  2. People are not to be trusted (I feel like we all know this, but most times we fall over and over again).
  3. Don’t let boys waste your time. If he doesn’t want anything but sex, LET HIM GO. Don’t hold on to that thought that maybe he will change his mind.
  4. You don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with, honestly if your values don’t correspond with something, leave it!
  5. You don’t need people’s validation. Live your life, start that business idea, get that piercing or tattoo, dye that hair, cut it if you want, grow it out, take that course you’ve always wanted to do. Just do you and do what makes you happy, because people will always have their opinions regardless.
  6. You have to keep fighting and working towards what you want in life; no one will ever hand it to you on a platter of gold. It’s not free, you must give something to get something.
  7. People don’t mind their business, they always feel they should have a say in your life, but always refer to number 5 on this list.
  8.  You can find comfort in the word in God and you can find it yourself, not through the mouth of preachers and the likes; in this world you can only depend on yourself and God.
  9. Patience is key; great things take time, it may be difficult but it’s always worth it in the end (you have to endure the rain before you can enjoy the sunshine).
  10. Finally, you cant kill yourself, know when to take a break and when to walk away.

Life is too short to stress over anything guys, remember its just a phase and it’ll pass.  Feel free to tell me the things you’ve realized so far in the comments section.

Till next time,





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