Hello everyone reading this  unplanned post *tiny wave*. It’s been a while, not even a while, it’s been a really lonnggggg time *sigh*, hope you guys haven’t forgotten about me? Lol, of course you have, with me not being consistent and all.

Well you already know what I’m going to be talking about lol, the title says it all. I’m not writing an I’m back post because whenever I do that, I never really come back for some reason. Oh well, I’m here now.

So, you might be asking yourself, why is she writing about consistency (which of course you’re not asking yourself that). Let me get to it.


Consistency simply means lack of deviation, either from a set plan or rule. Consistency requires making habits and being disciplined.


That’s just it really.

Consistency is basically the key to success, same simple steps you take in achieving your goal. For example, if I’m to be taken seriously at anything I do, I need to be consistent and consistency requires effort. You keep at it till you reach your set goal. Everything needs consistency to work, you can’t just say “oh, I’m going to get A’s this semester” and not read at all, or probably read just once a month and expect everything to stick or for example, something more practical like losing weight and you only work out once a month or eat healthy once a week and eat junk for the remaining days of the week. It doesn’t work like that.You’ll have to eat healthy everyday and work out consistently 3,4 or 5 times a week for you to see results. The same applies to all aspects of our lives, if I want to grow my blog following, if I want my business to succeed, I have to put in work consistently, put posts out consistently and just like that, results will definitely show, if you want to cultivate a reading habit, you’ll have to make time and say “ok, everyday I’ll read 200 to 400 pages of this book, or everyday, I’ll read a new topic” and not just saying it, you have to put it in practice and as everything with time, you’ll see results. You’ll be able to lose that weight, read a book a day, read 2 or more topics a day, grow that blog or social media following and be a genius at life.


Now, if you see that the efforts you’re consistently putting in, aren’t working out, change your strategy. I’ll talk about that some other time.

With that said, expect to see more of me from now on, (laughs in inconsistency) lol *jokes*  I’m really into taking my own advice, so yeahhh, I’ll be posting more often. 2 posts per week. We’ll see how well I’ll do.

Thanks for reading this, if you enjoyed this post, please like, subscribe and share; and remember what you do everyday matters than what you do every once in a while.

Stay Golden and…Be Consistent written on the road

NB: images sourced from google.


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