The catch Up ft. B x M Giveaway


Yes…cos I’m a drake fan and all my titles have to be a drake line or title of his song, No. Just logging in to remind y’all I’m still alive, just school and work work work work work work  (and no not the Rihanna song).

Hope you all had a great day yesterday, being Valentine’s Day. I got to catch up on the series of sleep I’ve missed out on the past week and later took a quick trip to the worst place you can go on a day of festivities (kada) if you stay in Benin and follow me on snapchat you’ll know and  you’d have seen it on my story.

Well back to business, the lovely baby brand Bernice x Michelle launched her giveaway two days ago and are offering cool stuffs to any two lucky winners. It’s a boy girl thing so there’s something for the guys and girls as well.
Anyone of you could win a BxM oversized tee, compressible pouch (features plush foam padding which will keep your phone or tab safe and it’s also 2 faced so you can rock the leather or the geo print based on your mood) and a BxM silk/satin scarf. Also for the guys a BxM oversized tee and two of her studded two face(part Jean and leather) bow tie. All made with lots of love.
You really can’t miss out on this.


To win these items the steps are pretty simple

1) Follow the brand on Instagram -@bernicexmichelle
2)Repost this picture and tag 3 people
3)hashtag #bxmvalsgiving

Winner will be announced on the 20th.
Seriously don’t miss out and if you didn’t get a Valentine’s Day gift just know this could be your gift. 😉


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