From the creative side of me that dies every time i’m being given a task brings to you this design story which i’ve constantly questioned sharing up until this moment…what i’m trying to say is although radically interesting with no deep meaning to any of this, i wont try as much as possible to read meaning into what is definitely just a well curated design/content.


Early-mid  last year, a group of people and I came together as a team to enroll for the fayrouz l’original contest (will share later the moments leading up to this). Being early in the business and eager to land our big break, this was an exciting venture with a lot and less to lose all at once.


After a tasking online registration due to poor network (Glo sometimes i don’t know how to deal with you) we were up and picked lagos as our audition region (rhymes guys) well we were expecting our task first cos obviously “Lagos” for some reason but that wasn’t the case as the odds were kinda not in our favour and i honestly didn’t want to be dealing with this during my third year exam period but i’m all for risks if its taking you a step closer to your dreams.


Well, it so happens when you think of the worst case scenarios they actually come up (ouch). we were sent our tasks and ours was pop (for the lagos region) referencing Le Sapeur Du Congo…trust i wasn’t ready for this, any of it, so i threw myself into it still (can’t back out now) but it definitely wasn’t coming to me, i didn’t proper understand the task or what i was going to do with this piece and so i withdrew, went back to do some research.


Finally went back to my drawing board and did a couple rough sketches and called my team…the model first and then my make up artist and photographer. They expressed love for it and i wasn’t sure then, like i was waiting for a sign to literally hit me straight on the head and tell me “stop wasting time fool and run with it” and in doubts i was still stuck on colour and needed some help so i was asking around, did some more research but i knew i didn’t want to come out with something that mimicked a clown suit, oh well, did i mention we only had a few days to run through this a submit the photos online. (Basically i was not inspired, so this is not about how or what inspired me and sometimes its like that and its okay).


A rush trip to the market the morning before one of my papers was enough adrenaline rush for me and straight to the tailors and well, the struggle to persuade tailors for a rush work hmm…its tough, lucky i informed the lady about it before hand. We had the design ready in a few hours and trust i was in crazy panic-stress mode.

We had planned a lot for location- set in the 70s, huge afro, african bar set to look 70s’ish, roller skates and disco lights just cos, duhhh…well to make up for my huge flop in choosing white fabric for thepants (btw this set is still going to happen and i will post about it lol).IMG_4044

Immediately after my paper the next day we head out to shoot…my team on the new location and make up done, got the model in the design and threw on a big shirt over it, got inside school and started shooting, starting slow and dull at first cos tensions were high and somehow we managed to get into our groove again and it just really started to flow. While i won’t lie that there were some un-team-spirited acts going on around (which was later pointed out by the judges) we got through it. We gathered together and uploaded all in time and then they extended the closing time to the next day’s evening or so, but we were on time time (pun intended). 


This wasn’t the time to relax as we had to be in lagos for the audition, all of us but the model had clear schedule to leave for lagos friday morning, which was the first day for the auditions and we were able to make it and register on paper, our model joined us later in the day. We auditioned first the next day and sunday we were on our way back to school and my next paper was monday morning, so was still in crazy panic-stress mode, at some points you pick what struggle you’re gonna have a heart attack and honestly i want to end this here but there’s still much to say (may I suggest a part two?).

Till then…oh btw this is called – THE 3 PIECE CUTOUT KITE PANEL JUMPSUIT (which was in no way related to the tasks references but the kite panel was inspired by origami- (story for another day) what is it with Japanese stuff right? (But i remember Mai Atafo say it’s a design that you’ll see on celebrities on the red carpet) * fingers-crossed* Yemi Alade… Solange…






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