Hey guys, its been a really busy week, with hardly enough sleep and dreadful full days and the mind and body is stressed. But nevertheless i still have to post this. You should know that this past week or weeks rather i have been walking in on people in awkward situations and actions, you know, these situations being certain things that they do in the comfort of their rooms, homes, mostly while they’re alone. They’re quite a lot but i will list just 10.

So the 10 things you do that you really don’t want people to know about;

1) You love to listen to romantic, sad breakup songs. (i mean its alright to be all up in your feelings, get comfortable, cry even if you don’t want to,find something to cry about, scream out those taylor swift lyrics, crawl on the floor, skin your cat… ummm, that got creepy real quick).


2) You cry when you watch romantic movies. It’s cool, let it all out, i know you cried during Gus’s final days in The Fault in our Stars, shhhhhh, you’re not alone, i did too.


3) You talk to yourself about yourself. Sometimes you have to set yourself straight. I understand.


4) You watch yourself sing in the mirror and act like you’re doing a stage performance, thinking to yourself you could really be a huge popstar lol.


5) You eat the piece of food that falls on your shirt. It didn’t fall on the floor so its safe and no one’s watching…

6) You give speeches in the bathroom mirror and act like you’re addressing a crowd or group of people.


7) You watch yourself dance in the mirror…PS: you’re not Beyonce but its cool tho.


8) You sing to your cat /dog and play dress up with them that is weird my friend…

9) You watch porn (girls…don’t lie).


10) You are secretly in need of love and attention but you act all hard ass like you don’t care and it doesn’t bother you and besides it will kill your whole cool cat independent persona and on the inside you’re like


Hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to comment other stuff that people do but don’t want other people to know. Have a great weekend. Over and Out. 🙂


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