Hey hey! Been on this post for days because it wiped a couple of times for no reason but well after the frustration I decided to re write the post.

So last week Wednesday, I decided I was going to try the “crochet braids” in desperate need to try something different. After basically staying up all night watching YouTube videos extensively and doing all the research, I was convinced that I was ready to do the crochet braids by myself. Finally it was Wednesday and I woke up late ‘cos I was up all night learning the art, that is the crochet braids and then spent an hour thinking if I was going to be able to get it all done that day, so I set out to a salon close by because, if I was gonna do this I needed a bit or a lot of help. Once I got to the salon I talked about it with the salon lady and she did the braid pattern for me (I was gonna show her how to install the hair too).

Now where I fucked messed up was bringing out hair round the perimeter of my head (what was I thinking?)
– my hair color is different from the hair I was about to use.
– I have relaxed hair (although now transitioning to natural)

What the hell was I actually thinking!!!!!

So we got to installing and for the installation of the hair I used a Bobby pin instead of a crochet pin ‘cos I live in a place where it’s quite difficult to find basic things, so I improvised. I also used the Noble kinky hair from the gold collection. Details can be seen at the end of this post.


I had a really good feeling about this and by the way just so you’d know I was hoping to look like this


not what I actually ended up looking like.
It took us 2 hours to finish the installing the hair and it was quite good at the dread stage but I couldn’t leave it like that because I had left hair out and so I started de tangling the hair or separating it (really don’t know what term to use but I’m sure you get what I was trying to do) while thinking to myself  “oh shit! You’ve fucked up”. Finally in what took like forever, I was done. *phew* but the hair I left out wasn’t co operating and so I decided to curl it and it obviously didn’t work and I remember thinking to myself “did the girls in the YouTube videos perform magic?” The salon lady then told me she can try something called “threading and dragging” (sounds painful right?) but it’s not.

So she sectioned the hair and tried it then dipped it into boiling hot water and once she removed it, the hair was so curly and so she did it through the rest of the hair, then separated the curls. It was like a freaking miracle!!!! The only thing on my mind before was (this is an epic mess). Now the hair wasn’t all that bad but I hated it and I remember saying to myself “NEVER AGAIN”.
Once I got back to my room, I asked my room mate what she thought and she hated it of course and some of my flatmates did love it and were willing to try it. So I jumped back on youtube videos of how to style the crochet braids. The next day, while some people walked up to me and said they liked the hair and asked where they can get it done, blah blah blah, some gave dis approving stares and later that I took it off. It was not just what I wanted and well I served my curiosity.

Now the question is “Will I ever try it again?” well of course I will, not anytime soon though and I hope I get it right next time.


Hair- Noble from the Gold Collection
Style- Noble Afro Hair
Colour- 1

Total installation time- 6 hours.






P.S – If you’re going to try this look, don’t do what i did. Make sure you’re very well learned and also if your hair matches the kinky hair.

Over and out guys! its travel time…HAPPY EASTER…MUAHHH.


Crochet Madness


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