Yaba Way Down


We walked hurriedly down the barely crowded Yaba market road, trying to locate Pearce street, As we passed through the crowd I could feel my skin cringe at the slightest body contact, I chided myself for my negligence, I knew I should have braved the heat and worn a long sleeved shirt. One thing I can’t stand are strange hands grabbing and touching me, it leaves an unfamiliar feeling and makes me agitated to get home and wash off . I had my regrets when I was pulled on by a man aggressively trying to sell his goods. I’m sure that the traders knew deep down that people saw them as distractions but they persist, calling you names like “my size”, “my colour” or “mama” or “broda”(brother),” sista”(sister) hoping to make you change your mind and patronize them. If this tactic fails they aggressively hold you, drag you or become unwanted body-guards walking along side you with whatever they sell in hand awaiting your words of surrender “take me to your shop”.

We moved speedily down the road trying to avoid these persistent sellers, finally we stopped to asked some men sitting in a bus for Pearce street and the one without a shirt gave us a very clear but funny description, he said: “go down this road by your right, then keep going straight down, you go see one street by your left, you see that street? No enter am o…just dey waka go down till you see total filling station, then waka go down small, you go see Pearce street for your left”. The other men nodded in approval.

So we finally located Pearce Street and something funny about these lagos people is when they give you a high price they always back it up immediately by saying “I just give you the lowest price o, I no even charge you, if I be wan charge you I for talk the normal price” lol. It was quite a stressful day and I will tell you, fabric shopping is not easy (in my experience) it takes a lot ‘cos looking for different elements in fabrics and trying to picture something in your head is not as easy and glamorous as the finished product.

PS: I wish I had taken pictures but my mind was totally not on that. Will start posting pictures soon…probably from my next post and onwards.


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